Friday, July 13, 2012

God's Unfailing Love

Just as a Mother's love never gives up on her child, God's love finds us out from our shame and sets us free
His love will refine us, punish us, push us, provide for us, save us. He so Loves us that he sent his only begotten Son Jesus to die for our sins. He so loves us that we will be forgiven time and time again until we ourselves cannot stand that sin anymore and feel stupid in repeating that sin. He so loves us that he will bring us near to destruction only so we can dramatically see his glory and fall upon our knees and worship him. He so loves us that he takes us through the wilderness  so when we get to the promised land we can experience joy and exalt him with our praises. Oh how He loves us even more especially when we cannot love ourselves. We cannot comprehend why God loves us, but when you feel His love, when you feel His spirit upon you, you cannot but fall tearfully and fearfully on your knees at His feet and proclaim that He is GOD

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The God that Whispers; What an Awesome God

The Grand Canyon, Arizona; An art WHISPERED into existence by The Awesome God

Many times in this journey called life, we allow all of our minute, worthless problems cloud our minds and infect our bodies with worry that we forget what an awesome creator that we have. God is awesome. When I think deeply about his Creations and how us men were formed, it blows my mind and all i can do is reply with shouts of praise.

A proclaimed righteous man of the name of Job (Job 26) in the bible reminds us of the handiwork of this God;

God stretches the northern sky over empty space
    and hangs the earth on nothing.
He wraps the rain in his thick clouds,
    and the clouds don’t burst with the weight.
He covers the face of the moon,[c]
    shrouding it with his clouds.
10 He created the horizon when he separated the waters;
    he set the boundary between day and night.

These are just the beginning of all that he does,
    merely a whisper of his power.

In Exodus 15:8 it recounts how this awesome God delivered his people by parting the red sea

At the blast of your breath, 
    the waters piled up!
The surging waters stood straight like a wall;
    in the heart of the sea the deep waters became hard.

He just breathed. The great sea obeyed his breath.

Would you not want this God on your side? Imagine what will happen if He decides to shout, I shudder at the thought of the Rapture where the book of Revelation records that God will come back to this earth with a shout. He started with a whisper, creating the miracle of the earth, its firmaments and His most beloved; us.

"Lord I am content with your whispers, i do not want to wait for the last minute of the world to hear you shout, I will listen to the love of your whispers and I will Obey"

There is nothing else I can do but offer this heart, my heart completely to you.